Insects that May Plague Your Tucson Yard

You work hard to make sure your Tucson yard looks beautiful and inviting. Unfortunately, even with your hard work, there are still some insects that could be harming your yard. Keep reading to learn about some of the most common insects that may plague your Tucson yard and why you should hire a professional to get rid of them:

These insects may be tiny, but that doesn’t mean they won’t damage your yard. Aphids are known for sucking juice out of plants, which causes plants to become dehydrated. This can cause the plant to die if the problem isn’t handled properly and in a timely manner. Aphids can also spread viruses that can be fatal to the plants in your Tucson yard. A pest control professional can help you get rid of your aphid problem.

Palo Verde Root Borer
Also known as the Palo Verde beetle, the Palo Verde root borer is one of the biggest beetles in America and it is commonly seen in Tucson throughout the summer months. Palo Verde root borers are known for being big, awkward, and annoying to humans, but they can also be a problem in your yard. These critters can damage tree roots while they’re in the larval phase but taking proper care of your trees can help protect them.

Mesquite Girdler
The mesquite girdler is another beetle that can damage your trees. The female type of this pest will chew a ring in the stem of a tree to deposit her eggs. When the eggs hatch, the larvae start eating the wood of the tree. If you work with a pest control professional, you’ll be able to keep these annoying beetles away from your trees.

If you want to keep these and other insects away from your yard throughout the year, then Horticulture Unlimited can help! Call us at (520) 321-4678 to learn about our insect pest control services that can help you maintain a healthy and beautiful yard.

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