How to Maintain a Low-Water Landscape

When you live in the desert, a low-water landscape design is always a good idea! This type of design will allow you to maintain a beautiful yard without the need for too much water. If this sounds right for your Tucson home, these tips can help:

Use Gravel Instead of Grass
Green grass might be a common yard feature in other parts of the country, but it can require too much water, which might not be a great choice here in the desert. You don’t have to have a bare yard, simply choose gravel or stone instead of grass. This will make your yard look beautiful, clean, and inviting to guests. Work with a professional landscape company to find the right gravel or stone for your space.

Include Succulents in Your Landscaping
Choosing the right type of plants is essential if you want to maintain a low-water landscape. Succulents can be a great choice because they don’t need as much water as many other types of plants. While it’s still important to water these plants regularly, you’ll likely find that these plants are easier to maintain with less water than other types of plants you’ve had in the past. Succulents will also add beauty to any yard.

Guide Rainwater in the Right Direction
While you should water your plants regularly or have a professional install an irrigation system in your yard, it’s also a good idea to use rainwater whenever possible. Work with your landscape design team to figure out attractive yet functional ways to guide rainwater toward plants in your yard. This will allow you to utilize a natural watering system when possible, making it easier to maintain a low-water landscape design.

If you need help maintaining your low-water landscape, contact the friendly professionals here at Horticulture Unlimited. We specialize in landscape maintenance and can help you keep your yard looking great. Call us at (520) 321-4678 to get started.

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