Preparing Trees for Monsoon Season

In Arizona, monsoon season extends from mid-June through mid-September. Lightning, thunder, and heavy downpours can inflict significant trauma on desert plant life. If you haven’t yet taken steps to get your trees ready for these extreme weather conditions, it’s time to contact an established landscaping company.

Maintain the healthy structure of the tree.

Trees are more vulnerable to storm damage if they have dead or dying branches. Dead wood is brittle. Rather than giving way under pressure like living, healthy branches, dead branches crack and can inflict damage on the healthy parts of the tree. Have a Certified Arborist prune your trees every year or two, depending on the needs of the particular tree species. Pruning is also important for thinning out the foliage of the crown. Trees with very dense canopies do poorly in high winds because there is too much resistance. This increases the risk of the breakage of healthy branches, and of the entire tree toppling over.

Give extra support to immature trees.

Immature trees have a harder time withstanding the severe storms of monsoon season. If you’ve had your landscaper plant any new trees shortly before monsoon season, they’ll need to be staked. Your landscaper will position the stakes in line with the direction of the wind. For example, two stakes should be placed facing north and south if the wind blows in from the west. Flexible wire can then be attached to the tree stem and the stakes to help the tree withstand high winds.

Address pest problems before monsoon season.

Trees already weakened by pest-related damage will be more likely to suffer additional damage during monsoon season. You can have a Certified Arborist inspect the trees on your property for signs of pests and similar problems like fungal growth. Get these problems under control before the severe storm season.


Horticulture Unlimited is your source for reliable, high-quality tree care services in Tucson, Arizona. Let our Certified Arborist get your trees ready for monsoon season this year. You can reach our office at (520) 321-4678.

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