Employee Longevity is a Point of Pride at Horticulture Unlimited

At Horticulture Unlimited in Tucson, Arizona, we pride ourselves on reliability and it shows with the level of commitment that we receive from our employees.  Each day, teamwork is displayed and reinforced as we all work together like a big family.  Almost half of our team has been with the company between 5 and 20 years!  We even have several employees who have committed with us over 20 years!   
Michael Eiley, our Certified Arborist and Maintenance Supervisor, was one of Horticulture Unlimited’s first employees.  Two years ago, Dan Malinowski, our long time Irrigation Supervisor, retired after 23 years of service to Horticulture Unlimited!  Construction Supervisor, Paul Sandersen, hits his 23 year anniversary this month, while Construction Foreman, Pedro Gil, will mark his 23rd year only two months later.  Jose Barraza, another Construction Foreman, celebrates his 26th year with us this summer, as well!    
We are very proud to have such a skilled, dedicated team who shares a bit of our happy Horticulture family with each of our clients by providing them high quality work with fantastic results! Below is our official years of service breakdown.

2-5 years = 16%
5-10 years = 20%
10-20 years = 24%
20+ years = 4%


When you do business with Horticulture Unlimited, you get our very best service each and every day. Choose a local, Tucson company that is passionate about its employees and the way they treat our customers.

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