Dalea capitata – Lemon Dalea

The foliage and flowers have a lemony fragrance. Small, pea-like, yellow flowers appear on short spikes in spring and fall and attract bees and butterflies. It likes full sun and reflected heat. The lemon dalea is drought resistant but responds to moderate irrigation and needs well-draining soil. Do not overwater this plant. The variety “Sierra Gold” is an extremely durable ground cover that withstands more moisture and can be planted near a lawn that receives daily irrigation. The species is hardy to five degrees Fahrenheit but loses all of its foliage when temperatures drop in to the low twenties. Prune back in late winter and give it a light application of ammonium phosphate fertilizer for a quick recovery in the spring.

It is a very low-maintenance plant but can be susceptible to infestations of white flies. Treat it with a systemic insecticide if needed. It can also be eaten by rabbits and needs protection in heavily infested areas. Use along walkways and street medians, in planters, as a ground cover tucked into large boulders or in small, narrow spaces for a lush splash of green. This plant looks great when mixed with agave or tall yucca plants. It also works well around fountains, ponds, and water features. It is native to Coahuila, Mexico.





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