Cupressus arizonica – Arizona Cypress Large-sized tree

This fast-growing evergreen reaches heights of thirty to forty feet and spreads twenty feet with a pyramid shape and horizontal spreading branches. Its striking leaf colors range from silvery blue to bluish green with a reddish brown bark. The cypress has inconspicuous flowers that are fol- lowed by brownish gray, small, smooth-looking cones. It is tolerant of many soils and likes full sun with reflected heat. The tree is extremely cold hardy to zero degrees or lower, and encounters few diseases or insect problems. Plant it in loamy or sandy well-draining soils and provide supplemental irrigation to encourage faster growth. It needs minimal pruning to develop a strong structure. The variety “Blue Ice” has foliage with a distinctive blue color and makes a great accent color plant for large settings. There are many other varieties with different leaf forms, denser foliage, and different colors as well as distinctive conical shapes. This single trunk tree adds woodsy drama to the landscape and its foliage produces a wonderful aroma. Use it as a large specimen for a screen or windbreak in parks, in large, open spaces, along roadsides, or as a visual barrier or background plant. It is native to Arizona, Texas, New Mexico, and Mexico growing from 3,000 to 8,000 feet on dry, rocky mountain slopes and canyon walls.










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