Covid-19 (Coronavirus) Update

Over recent weeks, Horticulture Unlimited has been monitoring the impact of coronavirus (COVID-19). We want to inform you that we remain open (as landscaping is categorized by the Governor of Arizona as an “Essential Service”) and are staying updated on all developments. Because our operations are outdoors, this greatly reduces any contact from our crews with other individuals and promotes social distancing efforts.

We would like to take this opportunity to outline the following precautionary measures that we have taken to ensure the safety and wellness of our customers and employees, and our ability to stay open for business to serve you:

  • Frequent & thorough hand washing by all staff.
  • Use of hand sanitizer whenever it is available.
  • Cleaning & sanitizing of commonly touched areas of our facility on a daily (or more frequent) basis.
  • Practicing social distancing and conducting (only essential) client interactions at a safe 6’ distance to

    protect our customers & staff.

  • Any staff showing signs or symptoms of illness are being advised to stay home. Supervisory staff is secondarily monitoring all workers for signs of illness and are sending home anyone who displays symptoms of illness prior to their entrance to our facility. Staff is eligible to use their available paid sick time for any such occurrence of illness.
  • All staff members are currently wearing face masks while in trucks, in the office, and on our property.
  • Any staff with remote work capabilities are working from home.

We appreciate and value your business during this uncertain time. All customer communication lines remain open to serve you. New customer installations remain on track. Regular maintenance services are continuing as usual. We will communicate any schedule changes or interruptions of service in a timely manner should they occur.

We are here to help. If you have been impacted by COVID-19, please feel free to call us to review options for your situation.

Serving our customers remains our top priority. We remain available to assist you with any and all landscaping needs. Maintaining landscapes is an essential function. Overgrown green spaces increase the chance of injuries, and tree maintenance is critical to avoid damaging homes & structures. Spring is also a critical time of year due to the abundance of growth that requires prompt attention; any halt or delay in maintaining can magnify potential safety problems and become a more difficult process to remediate later in the year.

Outdoor living spaces can also boost morale and well-being during extended periods spent at home. Feel free to let us know what services we can provide for you during these uncertain times.
We are staffed and ready to assist.

Stay safe. Stay healthy.

David Morris, President
Dawn Fried, Executive Vice President and Co-Founder

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