What Are the Best Trees to Plant in Tucson?

Planting trees can add interest, beauty, and shade to your landscaping, but in Arizona, it’s important to choose your trees wisely. Some trees require a great deal of water, grow weak limbs that can put your house in danger, or may become invasive and compete with native desert plants. Consult your landscaping company about which species will work best in your yard, and consider the following trees that grow well in Tucson landscapes:


There are several different species of acacia trees that grow well in Arizona, and your landscaper can help you select the best one for your property. If you’re looking for a tree that will bring bright color to your yard, consider a Sweet Acacia tree, which produces yellow flowers in the fall. Another great option is the Willow Acacia, which has drooping branches that give it a weeping willow-like appearance.

Arizona Ash

If you want a tree with beautiful foliage, consider planting an Arizona Ash tree. This tree’s leaves are a beautiful green in spring and summer, and turn a golden color in Autumn. Because of its dense foliage, Arizona Ash is a great shade tree.

Desert Willow

For properties with limited space, the Desert Willow is an ideal choice. This tree remains fairly small, but makes a big impact in summer when it produces beautiful flowers that may be white, purple, or pink.

Velvet Mesquite

While there are several species of mesquite trees commonly found in Tucson, the Velvet Mesquite is a particularly popular option because it is native to Southern Arizona. This tree grows a wide canopy, making it a perfect choice if you are looking to add shade to a large area of your landscaping.


Whether you need help planting and maintaining trees or would like to renovate your entire landscape, Horticulture Unlimited can help. We’ve been providing landscaping services to the Tucson area for over three decades, and we know what plants do best in our unique desert climate. For more information, call (520) 321-4678 today.

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