Bignonia capreolata

This fast-growing, evergreen climber reaches ten to thirty feet or more with dark green foliage and long, slender tendrils. This vine produces showy clusters of long, orangey-red, trumpet-shaped blossoms throughout spring and summer. The tubular flowers hang from the vine to produce a mass of magnificent color and attract hummingbirds. After blooming, the plant develops flat seedpods, containing winged seeds. It’s climbing tendrils and stems become woody as the plant matures. The variety ‘Tangerine Beauty’ is popular and widely available. This vine enjoys full sun with some filtered shade; however it blooms more profusely in the sun. It also likes moist, well-draining, amended soil and is hardy from thirteen to fifteen degrees Fahrenheit. Once established, the plant is drought-tolerant. The cross vine is also easy to grow since its suckers will root in the ground and regrow. Use it as a warm-season color plant since it doesn’t look great in the winter months. Prune it back heavily in late winter and train young plants. Use it to cover fences, trellises, archways, south- or west-facing walls or structures. It makes a great screen when properly trained. The plant is native to the Southeastern United States from Maryland to Florida, west to Missouri, and into Texas. This vine is found growing in low-lying areas, forests, and open clearings.

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