Types of Ground Covers to Consider for Your Landscape

Ground cover is the basis for any type of landscaping design. It provides color and vibrancy to your outdoor area while protecting your soil and helping it retain its nutrients. The trick to picking ground cover that will thrive is choosing a variety that is appropriate for your climate. Here is a look at some of the ground cover options that are ideal for Southern Arizona.

Trailing Acacia

Trailing Acacia, also known as Acacia redolens, grows low to the ground and spreads out widely across a broad surface area. In some cases, it can grow up to a foot tall and 12 feet across. The leaves are dark green throughout the year, and in spring, small, yellow flowers appear. Trailing Acacia is ideal for drought conditions and can also tolerate cold snaps. It should be planted in full sun for the best results. If you have a problem with erosion in your outdoor area, Trailing Acacia is a great choice, especially if you plant several of them closely together.

Baby Sun Rose

If you want to enjoy bright, vibrant colors in your landscaping, consider using Baby Sun Rose plants are your ground cover. This plant has a dense mat that grows in clumps along the ground with bright green leaves that are shaped like hearts. During the spring and summer, bright blooms come out in red, pink, and pinkish-purple hues. Baby sun rose plants thrive in partial shade environments and require fertilization a few times per year.

Lemon Dalea

Lemon Dalea, or Dalea capitata, is a lush and striking plant with a distinctive citrus aroma. It grows in dense mounds of light green leaves and yellow flowers that attract both bees and butterflies. This plant is native to Mexico and looks at home in the desert. Plant it in full sun areas for the best results.

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