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Announcing “The Art of Southwest Landscaping”, Dawn Layna Fried’s newest book!

The Art of Southwest Landscaping is the second in a series on landscaping in the desert regions of the Southwest. It is dedicated to the wide variety of delightful desert accents, cacti, groundcovers, ornamental grasses, palms, shrubs, succulents, trees and vines that can beautify landscapes. The author, Dawn Layna Fried, has included a broad selection […]

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Agapanthus africanus African Lily, Lily of the Nile Small-sized shrub

This tropical evergreen reaches heights of eigh- teen inches to two feet and grows two feet wide with fleshy rhizomes that spread and reproduce. From spring to late fall, clumps of long, shiny leaves grow upright into a whorl and then start to arch in a downward appearance. The showy, pendulous flowers grow upright out […]

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Russelia equisetiformis, Coral fountain, medium-sized, perennial shrub

The coral fountain is a flowering perennial plant with long, slender, arching, fountain-like branches that form a dense mound to four feet tall and six feet wide. Its weeping branches produce dark green, scale-like leaves on stems. The plant has showy, one- to two-inch coral red, tubular flower clusters through the fall and into the […]

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*Lantana camara, Bush lantana, small-sized shrub

The lantana is a prolific bloomer growing two to four feet tall and wide with sprawling branches that produce dramatic color during the warm season. The foliage is green, rough, and sometimes has prickly stems and leaves with rough hairs that emit a pungent aroma when crushed. This plant produces prolific flower clusters in an […]

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Caesalpinia pulcherrima, Red bird of Paradise

Noted for its striking, orange and red flowers, this evergreen grows eight to twelve feet tall with wide, spreading branches. It has deep green, fernlike foliage and produces showy blossoms that bloom profusely in spring through summer. The flowers are bowl-shaped in terminal clusters with red and orange petals and bright red stamens that extend […]

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Delosperma cooperi

Trailing Ice Plant Hardy Ice Plant Perennial ground cover  This trailing perennial ground cover has an upright growth habit and fleshy green foliage that is two to three inches long and flat on the top. It produces a mass of brilliant blooms in late spring through the fall. The magenta, daisy-like flowers are very long […]

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