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Announcing “The Art of Southwest Landscaping”, Dawn Layna Fried’s newest book!

The Art of Southwest Landscaping is the second in a series on landscaping in the desert regions of the Southwest. It is dedicated to the wide variety of delightful desert accents, cacti, groundcovers, ornamental grasses, palms, shrubs, succulents, trees and vines that can beautify landscapes. The author, Dawn Layna Fried, has included a broad selection […]

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Cupressus arizonica – Arizona Cypress Large-sized tree

This fast-growing evergreen reaches heights of thirty to forty feet and spreads twenty feet with a pyramid shape and horizontal spreading branches. Its striking leaf colors range from silvery blue to bluish green with a reddish brown bark. The cypress has inconspicuous flowers that are fol- lowed by brownish gray, small, smooth-looking cones. It is […]

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Euphorbia milii, Crown of thorns

The bushy, spiny succulent develops shoots that can reach up to three to four feet in height with a two-foot spread. It has half-inch thorns that adorn its branches and stems. The tough, leathery foliage grows on slender, young stems. Its leaves may defoliate if moisture stressed or with extreme temperature changes. The plant blooms […]

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Phoenix canariensis – Canary Island Date Palm

This evergreen reaches heights of forty to sixty feet with a spread of twenty to forty feet. It is a slow-growing palm with feathery fronds that are fifteen to twenty feet long. The leaves arch at the top of the plant and are dark green and armed with sharp spines. The Canary Island palm has […]

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Celtis ehrenbergiana: Desert Hackberry Small tree

This gnarly, thorny tree or large shrub with semi-evergreen foliage grows to twelve feet and spreads to eight to ten feet. It has smooth, grayish brown stems and a trunk armed with spines. This tree produces small, oval, bright grayish green foliage with slightly serrated edges. The leaves drop when the temperature falls below twenty […]

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Stipa tenuissima – Mexican Feather Grass Ornamental grass

Mexican feather grass grows from one to three feet tall and wide. It produces a mass of long, graceful, green foliage that grows in dense clumps. In a gentle breeze, its narrow leaves will sway back and forth, creating an interesting effect. The silky seed heads may glow brightly when they catch the sunlight. Flowers […]

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