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Dawn Fried featured in AZ Daily Star!

We are very proud for co-owner-and-founder, Dawn Fried, to be featured in the AZ Daily Star for her literary works. Check out the article  by clicking here and contact us for more information.

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Yucca Aloifolia is the Plant of the Month!

*Yucca aloifolia, Spanish bayonet, desert accent plant The erect, upright plant grows ten to twenty feet tall with a five-foot or greater spread, and is admired for its showy, creamy white flowers and thick, dark-green, elongated leaves. An attractive variegated form has medium green, bayonet-like foliage and margins of light green, edged in creamy yellow. […]

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Tucson erosion control

Using Your Landscape to Prevent Erosion

In Tucson, erosion control is a major issue. Because the landscape is dry for most of the year and the rains that do come often come in the form of monsoons, soil erosion can occur quickly. Fortunately for homeowners, there are some specific landscaping techniques that can help control erosion, no matter how much soil […]

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How to Trim Herbs and Edible Flowers

If you grow herbs and edible flowers in your garden, then trimming them properly will help you enjoy them without damaging your plants. Your landscaping company can help you select the right herbs and edible flowers for your garden. These tips will help you perfect your trimming efforts. Choose Sharp Cutting Tools The best way […]

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Agave Blue Glow is the Plant of the Month!

Agave ‘Blue Glow’, Blue glow agave Blue Glow is a hybrid that produces a glow-like appearance in bright sunlight. It grows two feet tall and wide, forming a single rosette with a clumping growth habit. This agave is a cross between Agave ocahui and Agave attenuata. It gets its broad leaf structure and attractive green […]

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Tips for Reducing Water Use in Your Backyard

Water conservation is important everywhere, but it’s particularly essential in the desert climate of Southern Arizona. If your water bills are soaring and you want to do your part to help the environment and reduce water usage, your backyard is a great place to start making changes. Consider the following tips to make improvements in […]

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