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Dawn Fried featured in AZ Daily Star!

We are very proud for co-owner-and-founder, Dawn Fried, to be featured in the AZ Daily Star for her literary works. Check out the article  by clicking here and contact us for more information.

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Jacaranda is the Plant of the Month!

Jacaranda mimosifolia, Jacaranda This magnificent, tropical beauty grows twenty-five to forty feet with an equal spread. Its tall canopy has an open, irregular shape and usually develops multiple trunks. Jacaranda produces soft, delicate, velvety, fernlike foliage and arching branches. In late spring, clusters of two-inch, showy, lavender, tubular blossoms appear. The blossoms sometimes appear before […]

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2018-08-03 No Comments

What Are the Best Trees to Plant in Tucson?

Planting trees can add interest, beauty, and shade to your landscaping, but in Arizona, it’s important to choose your trees wisely. Some trees require a great deal of water, grow weak limbs that can put your house in danger, or may become invasive and compete with native desert plants. Consult your landscaping company about which […]

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2018-07-27 No Comments

How to Save Your Plants from the Arizona Heat

You’ve purchased healthy plants, and added them right where you want them in your landscaping—only to discover that the summertime temperatures are causing your plants to look dry, wilted, and unsightly. If this experience sounds familiar, you’ll be happy to know that there are some simple steps you can take to protect your landscaping from […]

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2018-07-13 No Comments

Desert Willow is the Plant of the Month!

*Chilopsis linearis, Desert willow, medium- to large-sized tree Desert willow is a deciduous, multi-trunk tree that grows fifteen to twenty-five feet tall. It has long, narrow, green leaves with prominent veins and both its foliage and growth habit create a weeping appearance. In late spring, through summer, it produces fragrant, trumpet-shaped, showy blossoms in pink, […]

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2018-07-06 No Comments

What Landscape Maintenance Can Do for Your Property

Perfectly manicured lawns, healthy trees, and flowering gardens don’t get that way by accident—they need regular maintenance. But maintaining your landscaping is time-consuming. Instead, turn this task over to a professional landscaping company, who will know how to identify potential problems like plant diseases, and who can give you great advice on the types of […]

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2018-06-22 No Comments
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