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Stetsonia coryne is the Plant of the Month!

Stetsonia coryne, Argentine toothpick cactus, Toothpick cactus, cactus The distinctive, night-blooming cactus grows thirty feet tall and ten to fifteen feet wide. Its columnar, grayish-green stems are approximately four inches in diameter with toothpick-like, grayish-white spines, protruding from the plant. Its stems develop eight or nine rounded ribs with shallow grooves. The cactus grows at […]

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Agave americana is the Plant of the Month!

Agave americana var. medio-picta f. alba, White striped century plant, desert accent plant This striking agave with its creamy, whitish-yellow, central leaf color and bluish-gray margins grows three to four feet tall. It has short, thick leaves that arch downward to a sharp tip. The leaves have indentations along their edges with small, grayish-red colored spines. This […]

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Types of Ground Covers to Consider for Your Landscape

Ground cover is the basis for any type of landscaping design. It provides color and vibrancy to your outdoor area while protecting your soil and helping it retain its nutrients. The trick to picking ground cover that will thrive is choosing a variety that is appropriate for your climate. Here is a look at some […]

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Before and after landscaping in Tucson, Arizona

Selling Your Home? Call the Landscaper First!

When you put your home on the market, doing everything you can to appeal to buyers is essential to get a sale quickly and get the price you want. One area that people often overlook is the outside of their homes. Along with all of the attention you put into staging your home inside and […]

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Yucca Aloifolia is the Plant of the Month!

*Yucca aloifolia, Spanish bayonet, desert accent plant The erect, upright plant grows ten to twenty feet tall with a five-foot or greater spread, and is admired for its showy, creamy white flowers and thick, dark-green, elongated leaves. An attractive variegated form has medium green, bayonet-like foliage and margins of light green, edged in creamy yellow. […]

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Tucson erosion control

Using Your Landscape to Prevent Erosion

In Tucson, erosion control is a major issue. Because the landscape is dry for most of the year and the rains that do come often come in the form of monsoons, soil erosion can occur quickly. Fortunately for homeowners, there are some specific landscaping techniques that can help control erosion, no matter how much soil […]

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