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Acacia Pendula is the Plant of the Month!

Acacia pendula, Weeping myall, medium- to large-sized tree The graceful medium-sized evergreen grows twenty feet tall and fifteen feet wide with pendulous, weeping branches and multiple trunks. It has striking shiny, silvery, grayish-blue foliage that is long and thin, along with inconspicuous, pale yellow, ball-like flowers that appear in spring and winter. In Australia, Aboriginal hunters […]

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Euphorbia resinifera is the Plant of the Month!

*Euphorbia resinifera, Resin spurge, Moroccan mound, succulent This low-growing succulent has erect, thick, bluish-green to lime green, four-sided stems with small brown thorns, reaching one to two feet with a three- to four-foot spread. Historically, it is one of the oldest documented medicinal euphorbias. The resin spurge forms mounding clumps that look like pincushions with […]

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Ebenopsis ebano is the Plant of the Month!

The Texas ebony is a multi- or single-trunk evergreen growing fifteen to thirty feet tall with equal spread. Its gnarly, zigzagging, gray stems make this an interesting accent tree. The wood is a rich, dark brown and has been used for making furniture, cabinetry and other products. This exquisite tree produces thin, green, round leaflets on curved, […]

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Horticulture Unlimited Receives 2017 Excellence in Landscaping Awards from ALCA!

Horticulture Unlimited is honored to have been chosen as the recipients of several Excellence in Landscaping awards by the Arizona Landscape Contractors’ Association. The association awards program is one of the most prestigious and successful state landscaping awards competitions. The annual awards program reflects the industry’s commitment to excellence in landscaping in Arizona. Horticulture Unlimited […]

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Euphorbia tirucalli is the Plant of the Month!

*Euphorbia tirucalli, Euphorbia tirucalli ‘Sticks of Fire’, Pencil tree, Pencil euphorbia, succulent This endangered species is recognized for its light green, pencil-thin, bushlike branches with miniature leaflets. It is fast-growing reaching heights of eight to ten feet or more in the southwest desert. In its native habitat, it can reach thirty feet with a ten-foot […]

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Hamelia patens is the Plant of the Month!

Hamelia patens, Firecracker bush, Fire bush, small- to medium-sized, perennial shrub The multi-trunk evergreen matures quickly up to six feet tall and wide with bright green foliage that has a pointed tip and grows in clusters along the branches. During the warmer weather, the leaves are covered in fine hairs. With cooler temperatures, the foliage […]

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