Symptoms of a Faulty Irrigation System

A problem with your irrigation system can be a disaster for your landscaping. Irrigation issues can also drive up your water bill and lead to a significant amount of water waste. Fortunately, by paying attention to the symptoms, you can identify problems early so that they don’t persist for an extended period of time, causing damage and costing you money. If you spot these signs, consider getting your irrigation system inspected.

Inconsistent Watering

Does it seem like some parts of your landscaping are soaked with water, while others are overly dry? If this occurs, you may have a problem with your zone settings or there could be a problem with some of your sprinkler heads. Watering that isn’t balanced can set off a long list of problems in your outdoor space, so if you notice it happening, check your zone settings and schedule an appointment to have your system checked.

Leaking Control Valves

The control valves for your irrigation system should stay dry. If they are visibly leaking, or if you see wet spots around the valves, there could be an issue. Often, debris entering the irrigation system is to blame for these control valve issues, which can cause problems throughout the entire irrigation system. Get this issue repaired as soon as possible to reduce the risk of costly damage.

High Water Bills

Sometimes, the only sign of a problem with your irrigation system is a sudden spike in your water bills. Everything from a bad pressure regulator to a leak in underground pipes could cause your water usage to increase significantly, driving up your bill. If your water bill surprises you, get your irrigation system checked for damage.

If you suspect that you have an issue with your irrigation system, Horticulture Unlimited can help. We install, maintain, and repair irrigation systems to ensure you get the best results with the most efficient use of water. Talk to a landscaping expert in Tucson today by calling (520) 321-4678.

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