Tecoma orange

This fast-growing hybrid evergreen grows quickly to heights of twelve feet and eight feet wide. It has lush, lacy, glossy green foliage with serrated edges on each leaf. Its long stems are green and then turn brown as they mature. Large, brilliant orange, trumpet-shaped blossoms appear in springtime and continue to bloom throughout the fall, attracting butterflies and hummingbirds. This hybridized plant produces very little seedpods. The shrub is hardy to the mid twenties Fahrenheit. If frost-damaged, it grows back very fast in a single growing season. The plant is partially drought-resistant, and requires regular irrigation to look good and stimulate blooms. The orange jubilee can grow in a variety of soils and is a low-maintenance plant that is relatively easy to maintain. Plant this colorful shrub in full sun and reflected heat. Prune anytime during the growing season if it grows too large. Use it as a screen, barrier, and foundation plant, or in masses. The orange jubilee looks great around pools, ponds, and water features, in streetscapes and parking lots, or as a transitional planting. Orange jubilee is a great choice for tropical landscapes and looks attractive when planted in groupings with the yellow bells. There are many different variations of this plant. It is a cross between Tecoma stans and its Argentine relative, Tecoma alata.

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