Landscape Renovations in Tucson, AZ

Landscape renovations are becoming popular in Tucson, AZ. Surveys show most homeowners in Southern Arizona are not satisfied with the way their landscape looks. Many yards in Tucson are little more than a collection of rocks. Renovating the landscape can often do more for a property than an interior makeover. Landscape renovation improves a property's value in many ways. The landscape around your home or business can be transformed into an inviting and functional outdoor space. Add a splash of annual color, a built-in barbecue, outdoor fireplace, water feature or a cozy seating area. Maybe, you want to replace your lawn with low-maintenance rock or flagstone. Whatever you have in mind, Horticulture Unlimited can renovate your landscape and improve the value of your property.

Landscape Renovation Tip: Remove Vegetation and Debris

Before installing a new landscape, you may need to remove vegetation and haul debris from the yard to allow space for the project. Try to visualize what plants or hardscaped items need to be removed. Preparations for a big landscape renovation might take days or weeks. If you are doing this project yourself, you may need a dumpster, a truck, or some other way to haul materials from the site to the city dump or county landfill. Note that you will need to separate green waste from non-green waste materials, and if you are removing an old patio, barbeque, or bricks, you should always check with local city or county officials for the correct disposal procedure.

Landscape Renovations

Residential Landscape Renovations

Residential landscape renovation blends the elegance of your home with the natural beauty of your outdoor environment. Replace lawns and water-hungry plants with desert-adapted succulents, accents or ground covers. Install an outdoor kitchen or a play area for the kids. Add a cozy seating area around a fire pit. Whatever you have in mind, Horticulture Unlimited can transform your residential landscape into a beautiful and functional outdoor space. See Residential Landscaping.

If you plan to sell your home, a landscape renovation increases the aesthetic and economic value of your property. Overgrown and ugly weeds, trees and shrubs can shrink the very size of your landscape and make your house look smaller. Real estate experts tell us that landscaping is an important investment, because it creates what is known as "curb appeal." You will find it easier to sell your home, and get your asking price, when the landscape is inviting and functional.

Commercial Landscape Renovations

If you have a business or commercial property in Tucson or Southern Arizona, chances are that the landscape is undeveloped or in need of renovation. Many business owners want to improve an outdated or unsightly landscape but don't know where to begin. No matter how horrible or outdated the landscape around your commercial property is, Horticulture Unlimited can transform it into an attractive, modern and functional outdoor space. See Commercial Landscaping.

The value of a commercial property, whether new, undeveloped or outdated, is also greatly enhanced with landscape renovation. Our designers are detail-oriented and knowledgeable of city, county and state planning and zoning restrictions. We can help you modernize your growing business while meeting these requirements. Enhance your commercial landscape with elements of color, texture, borders, style and accessibility.

Get Professional Guidance

Is your landscape in need of a renovation? Tell us about your ideas and get a free quote for your landscape renovation project. Contact Horticulture Unlimited at (520) 321-4678 or request a quote online.

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