Landscape Installation Tucson

We install custom landscapes in Tucson, AZ and Southern Arizona. From the proper installation of plants to the construction of patios, walkways and water features, we design and install a wide range of landscape elements for your home or business. Whether you want a desert-themed landscape or your own tropical oasis, Horticulture Unlimited will install everything needed. Horticulture Unlimited provides award winning landscape installation services in Tucson, AZ and surrounding communities. Our landscape designers and professional installation team will work with you to plan and install an outdoor space that complements your lifestyle and fits your budget. Our landscapes have earned awards for superior levels of workmanship and creativity.

Landscape Installation: Lay Out Plants Before Installation

Even though you may be working from a precise design, lay out all of the plants at the site before installation. After setting out plants in their containers, arrange them so they look attractive. When placing plants, think about putting tall plants in the background, and smaller or accent plants in the foreground. Place plants far enough apart so they have the space to grow without crowding the landscape. One side of a plant might be more attractive then another, so when setting the plant out, place the better side towards its viewing direction.

Landscape Installation

Residential Landscape Installations

We offer several landscape installation options for residential property owners in Tucson and Southern Arizona. We install irrigation systems that ensure the continued health of your plants. Horticulture Unlimited installs trees, shrubs, lawns, accent plants, walkways, patios, decks, flagstone, decorative rock, boulders, fire pits, built-in BBQ's, outdoor rooms, water features and outdoor lighting. You name it — we do it. See residential landscaping for examples of our work.

Residential landscape installations are customized to meet the needs of homeowners in Tucson and surrounding communities in Arizona. Contracts are scheduled to cooperatively meet your time frame. We work within your budget to install a landscape that fits your lifestyle and increases the value of your home.

Commercial Landscape Installations

Commercial landscape installations range from foundation plants to the installation of the entire landscape. Commercial property owners often have a specific idea or theme they want to incorporate into the landscaping. Special areas such as patios, driveways, parking lots or walkways that accommodate desirable views can be installed.

Horticulture Unlimited has installed many commercial landscapes in Tucson and Southern Arizona. We can bid and work from your own landscape architect's plans or design a custom plan for your project. Our use of desert-adapted plants and attention to detail will ensure the landscaping around your office or business is installed properly.

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Does the landscape around your residential or commercial property need improvement? Tell us about your landscaping ideas, renovation plans, irrigation system or landscape installation requirements. Call Horticulture Unlimited at (520) 321-4678 or request a quote online.

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*Our plant guide provides informational resources regarding plants that we commonly use. HORTICULTURE UNLIMITED IS NOT A NURSERY OR SUPPLIER. We obtain necessary materials for installation purposes only, and recommend consulting a nursery or supplier for direct purchasing needs.
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