Erosion Control in Tucson, AZ

Horticulture Unlimited provides landscape erosion control in Tucson, AZ and surrounding regions of Southern Arizona. From commercial and municipal contracts to residential landscape applications, our expertise in erosion control is surpassed by none. Whether you need to hold back a little dirt or an entire hill, we can design and install a customized erosion control system for your landscape. In Tucson and throughout Southern Arizona, controlling landscape erosion is important. Our desert landscape is very dry and parched much of the year. When it does rain, the downpours often come in torrents. The monsoon rains, in particular, create widespread runoff and soil loss. Unchecked, this soil erosion causes serious, long-term problems for property owners in Tucson, AZ.

Erosion Control Methods

Effective erosion control prevents soil loss caused by rain, wind and human activity. Some of the erosion control methods we employ are drainage piping, swales, riprap, matting, blankets and retaining walls.

Riprap Rocks

Riprap (also called rip rap) is a very durable erosion control technique used to protect slope and channel areas from wind and water erosion. Riprap consists of graded rock placed on a slope or bank. The riprap will last indefinitely, if it is properly designed and installed. Riprap can be designed to self-adjust to extreme erosion conditions that cannot be controlled by matting or other methods. Filter materials beneath the riprap rocks also protect against erosion of the soil.

Erosion Control Blankets

Erosion control blankets are biodegradable materials that can be used to protect slopes and sensitive areas of your landscape from erosion. Blankets are made of natural materials such as straw, wood excelsior or coconut. Erosion control blankets can also be made of synthetically woven materials such as polypropylene.

Erosion control blankets are effective for soil stabilization on steep to moderate slopes, new landscaped areas, drainage swales and ditches that are to be planted or seeded. They increase water infiltration into the soil. When used with a seed mix, they protect the mix from being eroded during heavy rainfall or wind. Erosion control blankets also increase the retention of soil moisture, promoting seed germination.

Retaining Walls

Retaining walls provide effective erosion control while adding visual appeal to a landscape. Retaining walls have changed radically within the past two decades. Once made exclusively of large sections of concrete, they are now available in many styles and materials. The retaining wall can be incorporated into the overall landscape design, adding visual appeal while effectively controlling erosion.

Get Professional Guidance

Tell us about your landscape erosion problems. Our erosion control experts can visit your property and provide an estimate for services. We can design a drainage plan and install all the materials necessary to protect your landscape from erosion. Call Horticulture Unlimited in Tucson, AZ at (520) 321-4678 or request a quote online.

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