Protecting Desert Plants in Below-Freezing Temperatures

Although Tucson homeowners don’t have to worry about the impact of below-freezing temperatures as much as people in some other parts of the country, even the desert can get cold, and when winter weather arrives, plants can be at risk. The good news is that there are many things you can do to ensure that your plants survive a cold snap and continue to thrive. Your landscaping company can be a helpful source of information about keeping your plants safe in cold weather. These tips will also help the next time that below-freezing temperatures strike.


Cover Your Most Vulnerable Plants

Any plant that is young or particularly vulnerable to the cold should be covered when cold temperatures arrive. You can get specially designed plant covers at most hardware and lawn and garden stores. The covers should go over the top of the plants and protect the entire surface of the plant plus the roots. However, don’t tuck the cover around the roots. This will make it easier for heat to come up from the ground and get trapped under the cover, where it can reach the tops of the plants as well.


Water Your Plants Conscientiously

Dehydrated plants can be seriously damaged by cold weather. The frost that forms on the leaves draws water out from the plant, and when it is already dehydrated, this additional water loss can make it difficult for your plants to recover. A hydrated plant is better equipped to survive the cold.


Think About Frost When Planting

If you’re adding new plants to your landscaping, talk to your landscaping company about choosing the right placement to protect the plant in the case of freezing temperatures. Generally, vulnerable plants should be planted in full sun, while hardy plants can tolerate more shade. When freezing occurs, the vulnerable plants will receive some additional warmth because of their full-sun placement.


Whether you’re starting over with your landscaping or need help maintaining your space, choose Horticulture Unlimited, Inc. Our team of landscapers in Tucson can help with everything from landscape design to tree pruning. Dial (520) 321-4678 to learn more about our services.


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