Yellow Bird of Paradise

Caesalpinia gilliesii
Category Shrub
Size 10' x 8'
Flower Color Yellow with red stamens
Flower Season Summer Fall
Exposure Full or Partial Sunlight
Water Low
Growth Rate Fast
Hardiness -10°F

Toxic parts


Yellow bird of paradise is an upright, fast growing shrub originating from Argentina and Uruguay. Clusters of bright yellow flowers with long red stamens are produced in the summer. Its natural growth habit is irregular and open, but pruning will encourage dense growth. This long-lived and durable shrub is quite tolerant of cold, heat and drought, and performs best in full sun exposures. Grows to 10 feet tall by 8 feet wide. All parts of the yellow bird of paradise shrub are toxic and should never be injested.


Plant Yellow Bird of Paradise in full or partial sun locations. This shrub tolerates any well-drained soil including rocky, native soils. It does not do well in heavy clay soils. Prune in spring to remove dead or damaged stems. Water yellow bird of paradise every week in the summer, every month in the low-elevation zones, and rely on rainfall in intermediate elevation zones.