Trailing Lantana

Lantana montevidensis
Category Groundcover
Size 1' x 4'
Flower Color Lavender to White
Flower Season Year-Round in Southern Arizona
Exposure Full Sun
Water Moderate
Growth Rate Fast
Hardiness 25°F

Attracts Butterflies


Trailing Lantana is native to South America. Lavender to white colored flowers accent the trailing growth habit of this ground cover. Trailing lantana is immune to desert heat, tolerates almost any soil condition, and is remarkably drought tolerant. An excellent plant for spilling over walls or down banks. Eventually, trailing lantana will reach a height of one foot with a four foot spread. The small flowers attract butterflies.


Trailing Lantana has its best form and blooms most prolifically in full sun, but tolerates light shade as well. Water established plants weekly in the summer, but monitor watering carefully in late summer. Trailing lantana needs less water when humidity levels are high. Leaves may yellow between the veins (called "chlorosis") when trailing lantana is overwatered.