Smooth Agave

Agave desmettiana
Category Desert Accent Plant
Size 3' x 3'
Flower Color Pale Yellow
Flower Season
Exposure Full sun or filtered shade
Water Low
Growth Rate Fast
Hardiness 25°F


This upright plant forms a beautiful, symmetrical rosette shape with slightly arching leaves and grows three feet tall and wide. It has light, bluish-green foliage with smooth edges and a sharp spine at its tip. Sometimes, it develops small brown teeth along its edges. The variegated variety offers bright green leaves with yellow variegated edges. After eight to ten years, the agave develops an eight- to ten-foot high branched stalk with pale, yellow blooms. The flower stalk appears at the end of its life cycle; however, the plant also produces an abundance of offsets for reproduction. Use it as an accent, in containers, and in transitional landscapes and tropical settings for a bold statement. This is a great plant choice for low-water-use or xeriscape situations or as an accent plant. It has a beautiful form and combines well with other low growing agaves. The growth habit is somewhat similar to Agave weberi, but it is a much smaller plant. Smooth agave is only found in cultivation from a plant nursery, although it is believed that this agave originated in Sinaloa, Mexico. It is cultivated in Europe and in the western United States.


It is a fast-growing agave that tolerates full sun with reflected heat, but looks better with filtered shade. It also prefers a well-draining soil. Smooth agave is hardy to twenty-five degrees Fahrenheit or less and needs protection from frosty conditions. The plant tolerates drought conditions, and once it is established, it is relatively low-maintenance and survives on little water.
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