Dusty Miller

Jacobaea maritima
Category Ground Cover
Size 1' x 1' to 2' x 2'
Flower Color mustard yellow
Flower Season late summer to early fall
Exposure full sun to partial shade
Water occasional irrigation, especially during the hot weather
Growth Rate
Hardiness 20°F

may be toxic if ingested


The shrubby perennial grows one to two feet tall and wide in a mounding form. It is known for its silvery-blue, velvety-textured foliage that is intricate and lacey. The stems are covered with long, white, matted hairs. Its foliage provides an attractive contrast to other boldly colored flowering plants. In late summer to early fall, it produces upright flower stalks with mustard yellow spikes. The flowers are pretty, but the plant is mainly grown for its foliage. There are many varieties available. Rabbits may feed on its foliage but the plant is deer-proof. This plant may be toxic if ingested. Use it in containers, raised planters, and rock gardens, as edging or a backdrop, or mixed into annual and perennial gardens. The dusty miller is native to the Mediterranean regions of northern Africa, western Asia, and Europe, where it grows in arid locations.


Pinch off flowers and lightly prune the plant to encourage bushy leaf production. The flower makes a nice addition to a cut or dried arrangement. This plant takes full sun to partial shade. It is drought-tolerant but likes occasional irrigation, especially during the hot weather. The dusty miller also likes rich, well-draining soil and is hardy to twenty degrees Fahrenheit.
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