Prostrate Myoporum

Myoporum parvifolium
Category Groundcover
Size 8 inches x 6'
Flower Color White
Flower Season Spring to Summer
Exposure Full Sun or Part Shade
Water Low
Growth Rate Fast
Hardiness 20°F

Do Not Overwater


Prostrate myoporum has grass green, narrow leaves evenly spaced in spirals around horizontally spreading stems. It is commonly used as a ground cover. A profusion of small white flowers appear in the spring and continue throughout the summer. This low-growing plant is quite popular here in the low desert. Myoporum parvifolium will grow fast. The average height is 8 inches. It spreads erratically to 6 feet or more in all directions. Several plants may be grouped to create a continuous ground cover. Prostrate myoporum is frequently used in barren areas, along walkways and walls, or on slopes or banks, where it makes for excellent erosion control.


Although it is tolerant of our rocky, native soil, prostrate myoporum prefers prepared garden soil with good drainage. Plant it in full sun to light shade locations. Once established, prostrate myoporum requires little water. It benefits from an occasional deep irrigation in the hottest summer months. Most of the problems with this plant are a result of giving it too much water. Excess water results in rampant but weak growth. It will spread out from a central root in any direction. It grows mainly in the direction of moist ground. If you give it adequate water at the central root zone, it won't spread as much. Mass plantings will require some pruning and refurbishing in the early spring. Fill spaces with new Myoporum parvifolium plants where old ones have died.
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