Jacaranda mimosifolia
Category Tree
Size up to 40' x 40'
Flower Color Lavender
Flower Season Late Spring
Exposure Full Sun
Water Deep irrigation in summer
Growth Rate Fast
Hardiness 26°F


This magnificent, tropical beauty grows twenty-five to forty feet with an equal spread. Its tall canopy has an open, irregular shape and usually develops multiple trunks. Jacaranda produces soft, delicate, velvety, fernlike foliage and arching branches. In late spring, clusters of two-inch, showy, lavender, tubular blossoms appear. The blossoms sometimes appear before the flush of foliage, and the tree blooms heavily after mild winters. Its extravagant blooms completely cover the tree, and when they fall, they carpet the ground in color. There are some varieties available with white blossoms. After blooming, the tree produces a distinctive, brownish, two-inch-long, flattened capsule that contains winged seeds. The seedpod remains on the tree for a long time. This showy specimen has brownish-gray bark that darkens with age. It develops large surface roots that can lift sidewalks and walls. Use it in landscapes for tropical effects, as a tall specimen on the south or west side of a building, or around water features and larger ponds. It can also be used as a shade tree in warmer climates, a tall silhouette against a large building or wall, or a color accent. It is native to Brazil, Argentina, and Peru where it grows in Amazon regions.


It is a fast-growing tree that needs full sun and reflected heat. This tree is resistant to most pests and diseases, and tolerates hot, dry conditions. Plant it in well-draining soil and provide infrequent, deep irrigation during, hot, dry summers. The tree is hardy to about twenty-six degrees Fahrenheit. Colder temperatures and frost can cause some damage, however this specimen beauty quickly recovers in the spring. Prune frozen limbs and branches in the spring. As the tree matures, it is less susceptible to frost damage.
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