Carolina Jessamine

Gelsemium sempervirens
Category Vine
Size 10' to 20'
Flower Color Yellow
Flower Season Early Spring
Exposure Full Sun
Water Ample irrigation
Growth Rate Fast
Hardiness 25°F

May cause allergic skin reaction


This attractive, fast-growing, compact evergreen vine climbs to heights of ten-twenty feet. Its foliage is glossy green with pointed tips, and its stems are smooth and reddish-brown. In early spring, the plant produces small clusters of fragrant, yellow, trumpet-shaped blossoms with five short lobes.  Use it to cover trellises, fences, and arbors in a sunny location. Also use it in a large container or as a groundcover along steep banks. This plant looks nice in smaller patios and entryways. This vine is native to warm temperate climates from Guatemala to the southeastern United States, and grows into the coastal plains of North and South Carolina. It grows naturally in open woodlands, thickets, and along roadsides.


This vine likes full sun and ample irrigation to look its best, but can withstand short periods of drought. Plant it in well-draining soil that has a high content of organic matter or mulch added to the soil mix. Lightly prune it after blooming to remove any dead or broken branches. The Carolina jessamine is hardy to twenty-five degrees Fahrenheit. It is an easy vine to grow and can be kept in control with minimum care. Fertilize with ammonium phosphate in the early spring. All parts of this plant are toxic if ingested. The plant can sometimes cause an allergic skin reaction to some people.
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