Algerian Ivy

Hedera canariensis
Category Ground Cover, Vine
Flower Color Whitish Green
Flower Season
Exposure Partial to Full Shade
Water Moderate to Ample
Growth Rate Fast
Hardiness 10°F


This fast-growing evergreen has thick, shiny, deep green, lobed leaves with reddish stems. New growth is a light green color. It rarely produces flowers, but if it does, they are whitish green in color. Algerian ivy can take over an area very quickly, making this plant an appealing groundcover. It likes well-draining soil with amendments, but will grow in most soil conditions. Algerian ivy can also be used in coastal situations since it is very salt-tolerant. The variety ‘Variegata’ has green, lobed foliage surrounded by white and is less hardy than the green variety. There are many cultivars available of this plant.  Use it for its bold foliage in tropical settings, or plant it beneath deciduous trees, in shady areas of the landscape and in raised planters under covered patios. It can also be trained as a self-climbing vine in shady locations or northern exposures. Algerian ivy is native to northwestern Africa and the Canary Islands and is widely cultivated in warm, tropical areas of the world.


It likes some morning sun, but prefers partial to full shade. Established plants are drought-tolerant but like moderate to ample irrigation. It is hardy to ten degrees Fahrenheit. The plant is susceptible to Texas root rot, and it may sunburn if exposed to full sun during the summer months. Prune it heavily during the winter months and trim lightly any other time. This plant likes fertilizer applications in early spring.
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