How to Keep Weeds Out of Your Yard

No matter how much time you spend on your lawn, it just takes a few weeds to turn it into a disaster zone. Weeds spread incredibly quickly, so having a comprehensive plan to stop them before they start—and a plan for acting fast when they do appear—is an essential part of yard maintenance. These strategies will help you create a comprehensive plan for weed prevention.

Pre-Emergence Herbicides

Pre-emergence herbicides are used for weed prevention. They work by damaging germinating weed seeds and the seeds of newly sprouted weed growths. Once the seeds are damaged, the weeds can’t grow. The herbicides will not harm any plants, nor will they get rid of any weeds that have grown beyond the young stage. For the most effectiveness, pre-emergence herbicides should be used in the spring, before weeds have had the chance to spout.

Post-Emergence Herbicides

These herbicides are used to treat established weeds. When weeds appear, spraying these herbicides will prevent them from continuing to mature and from creating new seeds. The chemicals seep into the leaves of the weed and inhibit future growth. Depending on the amount of weeds you have, post-emergence herbicides may need to be used on a monthly basis, until all of your weeds have been effectively treated. When your weeds are under control using post-emergence herbicides, pre-emergence treatments will stop them from coming back.

Weed Removal

Physically removing weeds by pulling them out is good for spot control and to improve the appearance of your lawn. Physically removing weeds won’t prevent weed growth in the long term, but it will keep your lawn looking its best while other treatments work to stop weeds from growing the future.


Horticulture Unlimited, Inc. offers comprehensive weed prevention in Tucson, with pre- and post-emergence herbicide treatments as well a physical weed removal. Call us at (520) 321-4678 to schedule an appointment for weed control or to learn more about all of our landscaping services.

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