How to Trim Herbs and Edible Flowers

If you grow herbs and edible flowers in your garden, then trimming them properly will help you enjoy them without damaging your plants. Your landscaping company can help you select the right herbs and edible flowers for your garden. These tips will help you perfect your trimming efforts.

Choose Sharp Cutting Tools

The best way to cut herbs and edible flowers from their plants is to use sharp scissors or clippers. By ensuring your cutting tools are sharp, you can reduce the risk of damage caused by dull blades, which could stunt the growth of the plant. Make sure you cutting tools are thoroughly cleaned before cutting so you don’t introduce any damaging bacteria or toxins to the plant. If you prefer, you can pinch the herbs or flowers for some plants as well, as long as you wash your hands first. Basil and mint are ideal candidates for pinching.

Pick the Right Time

Generally, it is best to trim herbs and flowers or in the late afternoon. Trimming the plants when the sun is not at its peak will reduce the strain and allow the plant to start recovering. When you’re trimming annual plants, like cilantro and basil, start trimming whole stems when the plant is sufficiently strong. For perennials, such as rosemary and tarragon, trim when new growth appears. For perennials, you will also need to prune every week.

Limit Your Trimming

Although fresh herbs and edible flowers are delicious additions to almost any meal, you will need to practice some restraint while you’re trimming. You should never remove more than one-third of a plant at one time. This ensures that the plant can continue to thrive and produce new leaves and flowers.

Do you want to add herbs or edible flowers to your garden? Talk to Horticulture Unlimited, Inc. about adding these plants to your landscaping and how to keep them healthy. Talk to our landscapers in Tucson today by calling (520) 321-4678.

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