Myoporum parvifolium

This fast-growing, glossy evergreen forms an even mat as it gracefully spreads along the ground, to one feet high and six feet wide. Its leaves are small, lush, and serrated. In spring, a profusion of small white or pink star-like blossoms appear. The flowers may attract bees. In late spring, small berries cover the plant and are sweet and edible. It likes full sun and reflected heat. This groundcover has low to moderate water needs and does not like to be over-watered. Because it forms such a dense cover, it suppresses weeds. The plant grows in a variety of soil from clay to salty or alkaline conditions, but prefers amended, well-draining soil. It will freeze below twenty-five degrees Fahrenheit. If frosted back, prune it heavily in the spring. It also needs replacing every few years when older plants become woody and die back, and mass plantings may require some refurbishing in early spring. Use it on sloping sites for erosion control and as a bank cover by grouping several plants together as a continuous groundcover. The prostrate myoporum is a great substitute for lawns since its appearance from a distance is green and lush. Use it in xeriscape or transitional landscapes. It is native to New South Wales, Victoria, and southern Australia.

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