Evergreen Trees That Thrive in Arizona

Landscaping in the desert requires the careful selection of trees that will thrive in the harsh conditions. Arizona residents can choose from a wide range of evergreen trees to beautify their homes and businesses. These trees are also ideal because they offer welcome shade from the hot sun. You can also plant them in strategic locations to enhance the privacy of your backyard.



The Mulga boasts silvery-grayish foliage and, during the spring and summer, its branches have a heavy showing of golden yellow flowers. The slow to moderate growth rate will eventually produce a tree of 15 to 20 feet in height, with about a 12-foot spread. The Mulga is excellent as a windbreak. It also works well in landscapes near pools, since it doesn’t shed a great deal of debris.


Weeping Myall

The Weeping Myall is a graceful evergreen that looks much like a weeping willow. It features sweeping, pendulous branches with silvery, grayish-bluish foliage. The Weeping Myall thrives on a wide range of soil types, and it enjoys full sun and reflected heat. Like other evergreens that thrive in Arizona, the Weeping Myall is drought-tolerant. It can grow to about 20 feet in height, with a 15-foot spread.


Texas Olive

The Texas Olive is an ideal choice for folks who enjoy trees that are both beautiful and functional. It’s an evergreen to semi-deciduous tree that can grow as tall as 20 feet and as wide as 25 feet. One of its distinguishing features is the multiple trunks. The Texas Olive produces creamy white blossoms from spring to fall. Bird lovers will appreciate the hummingbirds these blossoms attract. Small fruit forms after the blossoms drop. The olives are considered non-edible, but they’ve been known to produce excellent jellies.

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