Delosperma cooperi

Trailing Ice Plant Hardy Ice Plant Perennial ground cover 

This trailing perennial ground cover has an upright growth habit and fleshy green foliage that is two to three inches long and flat on the top. It produces a mass of brilliant blooms in late spring through the fall. The magenta, daisy-like flowers are very long lasting and will cover the entire plant in a showy display. The blossoms will close up in the evening and then open again as soon as the sun is high. This hardy plant will take temperatures below twenty degrees Fahrenheit, and in the winter the foliage will turn an attractive red color with the cold weather. The attractive ground cover enjoys full sun and thrives in our hot, dry locations. It prefers well-draining soils but will grow in just about any soil condition. The trailing ice plant is very drought tolerant but prefers occasional irrigation during the hot, dry season and needs to dry out between watering cycles. This ground cover is very easy to propagate by stem cuttings and will grow very quickly to create a sprawling plant. The fast-growing plant works well mixed into containers as a perennial, in terraces, and as a bank cover for erosion control. It also works well in medians, parking lots, and exposed situations with other cacti and succulents. It is native to South Africa. 

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