Agave ‘Blue Glow’

Low-Water-Use Accent Plant

Blue Glow is a hybrid that produces a glow- like appearance in bright sunlight. It grows two feet tall and wide, forming a single rosette with a clumping growth habit. This agave is a cross between Agave ocahui and Agave attenuata. It gets its broad leaf structure and attractive green color from a attenuata and its sharp terminal spine and size from a ocahui. This unusual plant offers wide, soft, spineless, blueish green foliage with distinctive red margins and a short, red, terminal spine. The blue glow likes filtered shade and light protection from the sun, especially in the Southwest. It is hardy to the mid-twenties Fahrenheit and is drought resistant. Give it additional irrigation when the temperatures warm up in the spring. This slow grower needs well-draining soil to look its best. This plant needs less water during the winter seasons. Use this attractive plant in groupings, as an accent plant, or amongst boulders in smaller planting spaces. 

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