Acacia cultriformis – Knifeleaf Acacia Small to medium-sized tree

This drought-resistant, multi trunk evergreen grows twelve to fifteen feet tall and wide. It has an open growth habit with interesting twisted or drooping branches that support small, grayish green, leathery, triangular leaves. In spring, the tree produces fragrant, creamy yellow blossoms that form into dense clusters. The blossoms are edible, and a yellow dye can be extracted from them. After flowering, it produces linear seedpods that are covered in fine, fuzzy hairs.


Knifeleaf acacia is hardy to about twenty-five degrees Fahrenheit and likes full sun to light shade and well-draining soil. Its flowers and branches look nice mixed into flower arrangements. This is an interesting plant because of its unique leaf shape and color. It can be used as a small specimen or accent tree planted with other drought-tolerant vegetation, a large hedge, screen or installed to protect hillsides. It is fast growing, low maintenance and should be used more frequently in our Southwest landscapes. This tree is native to Queensland and New South Wales where it grows on rocky ridges. It is widely cultivated and has naturalized in many parts of the world.






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