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Book announcement!

We’re pleased to announce that our co-founder, Dawn Fried, has completed the first volume of her work on landscaping in the Southwest! We are now taking pre-orders at post@horticultureunlimited.com Page Publishing will be publishing her work in two volumes, Design, Build, Bloom, and The Art of Southwest Landscaping. We’re very excited to be working with Page Publishing, and […]

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Hamelia patens is the Plant of the Season!

Hamelia patens, Firecracker bush, Fire bush, small- to medium-sized, perennial shrub The multi-trunk evergreen matures quickly up to six feet tall and wide with bright green foliage that has a pointed tip and grows in clusters along the branches. During the warmer weather, the leaves are covered in fine hairs. With cooler temperatures, the foliage […]

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Ruellia tweediana is the Plant of the Season!

Ruellia tweediana, Dwarf ruellia, Mexican petunia, small-sized, perennial shrub The dwarf ruellia is a beautiful flowering, low-growing perennial with long, narrow, glossy green, foliage that grows one to three feet, depending on the variety. The semi-woody stalks of the plant grow in an upright pattern. This plant produces bright, vibrant, bluish-purple, trumpet-shaped blossoms that flower through […]

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Sky flower is the Plant of the Season!

*Duranta erecta, Sky flower, Golden dewdrop, medium-large shrub Sky flower is a showy evergreen that grows eighteen feet tall and wide, if it doesn’t freeze back. It is a multi-trunk plant with arching branches that droop and trail in a downward appearance. Some species have spines on them, while others are spineless. The dark green […]

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Cordia Parvifolia is the Plant of the Season!

*Cordia parvifolia, Little-leaf cordia, medium-sized shrub This bushy, dense-spreading shrub with arching branches grows four to eight feet tall with a three- to ten-foot spread. It is a semi-evergreen with oval, grayish-green, leathery leaves that have deep margins. This attractive plant produces showy clusters of white blossoms in spring and again in the fall. Little-leaf […]

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Bougainvillea is the Plant of the Season!

*Bougainvillea hybrids, Bougainvillea, vines and climbers, shrub Bougainvillea is a sprawling vine grown for its beautiful flower bracts in fuchsia, pink, orange, rose, white, or purple, depending upon the variety. Inside the center of each flower bract is a small white, waxy flower. This evergreen to semi-evergreen plant has bright green, heart-shaped foliage and reaches […]

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