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Book announcement!

We’re pleased to announce that our co-founder, Dawn Fried, has completed the first volume of her work on landscaping in the Southwest! We are now taking pre-orders at post@horticultureunlimited.com Page Publishing will be publishing her work in two volumes, Design, Build, Bloom, and The Art of Southwest Landscaping. We’re very excited to be working with Page Publishing, and […]

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Sky flower is the Plant of the Season!

*Duranta erecta, Sky flower, Golden dewdrop, medium-large shrub Sky flower is a showy evergreen that grows eighteen feet tall and wide, if it doesn’t freeze back. It is a multi-trunk plant with arching branches that droop and trail in a downward appearance. Some species have spines on them, while others are spineless. The dark green […]

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2017-06-30 No Comments

Cordia Parvifolia is the Plant of the Month!

*Cordia parvifolia, Little-leaf cordia, medium-sized shrub This bushy, dense-spreading shrub with arching branches grows four to eight feet tall with a three- to ten-foot spread. It is a semi-evergreen with oval, grayish-green, leathery leaves that have deep margins. This attractive plant produces showy clusters of white blossoms in spring and again in the fall. Little-leaf […]

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Bougainvillea is the Plant of the Season!

*Bougainvillea hybrids, Bougainvillea, vines and climbers, shrub Bougainvillea is a sprawling vine grown for its beautiful flower bracts in fuchsia, pink, orange, rose, white, or purple, depending upon the variety. Inside the center of each flower bract is a small white, waxy flower. This evergreen to semi-evergreen plant has bright green, heart-shaped foliage and reaches […]

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2017-05-31 No Comments

Wildflowers are the April Plant of the Month!

“Flowers are sunshine, food, and medicine to the soul.” —Luther Burbank California poppies growing along Interstate 8, outside of the Arizona state line. One of the first signs of spring in the Southwest desert is the emergence of magnificent wildflowers. These prolific displays of color are presented after the winter rains have soaked the desert […]

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2017-03-24 No Comments

Euphorbia rigida is the February Plant of the Month!

*Euphorbia rigida, Gopher plant, perennial, succulent This mounding evergreen grows to about two feet tall with a three-foot spread, and has attractive, narrow, pointed, blue-green, sharp leaves. It produces rounded clusters of papery chartreuse yellow flower bracts that appear at the end of each branch in early spring. The blooms turn a greenish-tan as they […]

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