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Horticulture Unlimited Receives 2016 Excellence in Landscaping Awards from ALCA!

Horticulture Unlimited is honored to have been chosen as the recipients of several Excellence in Landscaping awards by the Arizona Landscape Contractors’ Association. The association awards program is one of the most prestigious and successful state landscaping awards competitions. The annual awards program reflects the industry’s commitment to excellence in landscaping in Arizona. Horticulture Unlimited […]

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Wildflowers are the April Plant of the Month!

“Flowers are sunshine, food, and medicine to the soul.” —Luther Burbank California poppies growing along Interstate 8, outside of the Arizona state line. One of the first signs of spring in the Southwest desert is the emergence of magnificent wildflowers. These prolific displays of color are presented after the winter rains have soaked the desert […]

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Euphorbia rigida is the February Plant of the Month!

*Euphorbia rigida, Gopher plant, perennial, succulent This mounding evergreen grows to about two feet tall with a three-foot spread, and has attractive, narrow, pointed, blue-green, sharp leaves. It produces rounded clusters of papery chartreuse yellow flower bracts that appear at the end of each branch in early spring. The blooms turn a greenish-tan as they […]

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Pyracantha coccinea is the December Plant of the Month!

Pyracantha coccinea, Firethorn, Scarlet firethorn, vine and climbers-Amazing winter color plant. The evergreen, noted for its spectacular display of orange-red berries and shiny, brown bark, climbs to ten feet tall and about twelve to fifteen feet wide. It has small, rounded, dark glossy green foliage and has extremely sharp, spur-like thorns on its branches. In […]

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Annuals and Perennial Flower Color

Annual and perennial flowers provide a lot seasonal color. They are a quick and easy way to add beauty, color, and visual effects to any landscape palette. Flowers used in garden beds or in containers make spectacular accents. You have many plant choices and color combinations for any garden spot. Using annuals with the same […]

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Salvia leucantha is the November Plant of the Month!

Salvia leucantha, Mexican bush sage The colorful herbaceous plant grows in a mounded shape to four feet tall and wide with willowy, slender, arching stems that have soft, grayish-green to silvery, wrinkled-looking foliage. In late summer through the first frost, it produces elongated, lavender clusters that attract hummingbirds. The purple clusters send out white, tubular […]

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