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Weed Control
Licensed weed control Spray Technicians in Tucson, AZ

Weed Control Services

Weed Removal

Horticulture Unlimited provides safe and effective weed control in Tucson, AZ in accordance with the State of Arizona Office of Pest Management (OPM). Our spray technicians apply industrial herbicides and pesticides to effectively eliminate weeds on residential and commercial properties. All of our spray technicians are trained and licensed by the AZ OPM to control weeds safely and effectively.

Weeds are prolific in our desert soils, particularly during the monsoon season, when ample moisture gives them sustenance to grow. They can be tenaciously rooted and very resistant to many commonly sold chemical treatments. We use industrial strength herbicides, properly applied by our licensed spray technicians to control weeds.

How We Control Weeds in Tucson, AZ

Horticulture Unlimited's licensed spray technicians will determine the specific weed species prevalent in your landscape and apply the right chemicals to control them. We use a variety of industrial-strength weed control chemicals including pre-emergence and post-emergence herbicides according to state laws that govern health and safety.

Pre-Emergence Herbicides

Pre-emergence herbicides work by inhibiting the growth of germinating weed seeds and very young seedlings. These chemicals damage the seeds before the weed has a chance to grow. For maximum effect, pre-emergence herbicides should be applied in the spring, before the weed seeds sprout. Plants and weeds that already exist will not be harmed by the application of pre-emergence herbicides.

Post-Emergence Herbicides

Post-emergence herbicides act on weeds that are already established. These chemicals control weeds by soaking through their leaves. If you let your weeds keep growing, they will mature, make more seeds, and your weed problem will get worse. If necessary, our spray technicians can perform monthly weed control using post-emergence herbicides.

Physical Removal of Weeds

If you practice regular landscape maintenance procedures, controlling weeds by hand-pulling may be all that is necessary. If weeds are well-developed, the physical removal method may be your first course of action. Though only a temporary solution, pulling weeds by hand will immediately improve the appearance of your landscape. The physical removal of weeds can be tedious, so we provide this service as well.

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Horticulture Unlimited can help you control weed infestation and other landscape pest problems in Tucson and Southern Arizona. Contact us at (520) 321-4678 for more information about weed control services. You may request a quote for these services through our website.

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