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We recommend the following trees for Tucson, AZ and surrounding communities. Property owners should choose a tree for its function, whether it's providing cool shade, screening for privacy or enhancing landscape views. The following trees were selected primarily for their low maintenance requirements, drought tolerance, and their proven ability to thrive in Southern Arizona.

Photos Name Description
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Guajillo Tree Guajillo Tree Acacia berlandieri Guajillo is a small accent tree with delicate, fern-like foliage. Drought tolerant, Guajillo tree survives on low amounts of rainfall. It grows to about 12' tall with an equal spread.
Willow Acacia Willow Acacia Acacia salicina Willow Acacia has narrow leaves and a weeping growth habit making it an ideal tree for use in space restricted areas like parking lots. In Tucson, it grows to 40' tall with a 20' spread.
Sweet Acacia Sweet Acacia Acacia farnesiana Its attractive umbrella shape and golden-yellow flowers have made the Sweet Acacia one of the most popular landscape trees in Arizona. Grows to 20' tall with a 20' spread.
Palo Brea Palo Brea Tree Parkinsonia praecox Palo Brea is a semi-evergreen tree with a wide, open and spreading crown. It becomes a valuable shade tree with age and proper pruning. It grows 25' tall with a 25' spread.
Blue Palo Verde Blue Palo Verde Parkinsonia florida Highly valued for its fantastic mid-spring flower display, the Blue Palo Verde Tree is native to Arizona. It grows on minimal water to 25' tall with an equal or greater spread.
Desert Willow Desert Willow Chilopsis linearis Desert Willow tree is known for its fragrant, trumpet-shaped flowers. Flower color ranges from white to purple. It grows at a moderate rate to about 20' tall with a 20' spread.
Texas Ebony Texas Ebony Ebenopsis ebano A medium-sized, highly decorative tree, Texas Ebony is remarkably drought tolerant and grows quite well in Southern Arizona. It grows slowly to 30' tall with a 30' spread.
Argentine Mesquite Argentine Mesquite Prosopis alba Argentine Mesquite is fast growing, vigorous and very drought tolerant. It is larger and has a rounder, wider crown than other mesquite trees. Grows to 40' tall with a 60' spread.
Chilean Mesquite Chilean Mesquite Prosopis chilensis Chilean Mesquite grows either singly or multi-trunked with dark, coarse textured bark. It sheds most of its foliage in the winter. Grows to 30' tall with a 40' or greater spread.
Velvet Mesquite Velvet Mesquite Prosopis velutina Native to Southern Arizona, the Velvet Mesquite is a low branching, open tree with dark, almost black, shaggy bark. Velvet mesquite tree grows to 25' tall with a 35' spread.
Texas Mountain Laurel Texas Mountain Laurel Calia secundiflora Texas Mountain Laurel is well-known for its purple springtime flowers that look as good as they smell. This is a small, multi-trunked tree that grows slowly to 15' tall with a 10' spread.
Evergreen Pear Evergreen Pear Pyrus kawakamii The Evergreen Pear tree produces an amazing display of brilliant white, fragrant flowers from late winter to early spring. It grows 15' to 30' tall with an equal but irregular spread.
Chinese Pistache Chinese Pistache Pistacia chinensis Chinese Pistache makes a wonderful shade tree with vibrant fall color. Its leaves turn a red to orange color in the fall. In Tucson, Chinese Pistache grows to 40' tall with a 35' spread.
Chaste Tree Chaste Tree Vitex agnus-castus Chaste Tree is a small to medium-sized, highly attractive ornamental tree valued for its aromatic leaves and glorious flower display. It grows to about 20' tall with a 20' spread.
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